About Us

Alpha5 is an advanced Bitcoin Derivatives Platform. Born of novelty and driven by necessity, it offers a new spin on existing derivative products while bringing forward others that have remained elusive to the digital assets space. The platform has been built with sophisticated techniques in low latency/high throughput systems, allowing for auto-scaling, lightning-fast matching, and minimalization of system overloads. Created by veterans of trading with over 15+years trading in global markets at top tier institutions, the ethos of Alpha5 enables the complexity of unique exposures in simplified structures, perpetuating liquidity and product evolution.

With a team of experts coming from diverse professional backgrounds and having cumulative experience of many years in domains of Investment Banking, Finance, Economics, Information Technology, Blockchain Technology and Business Administration, Alpha5 stands solid, upon the shoulders of innovative, hardworking and dynamic professionals. The exchange is supported by a diverse community of VCs, traders and investors from both traditional and crypto space.